Literally translated, “Feng” means wind and “Shui” means water. Deeply rooted in a connection to nature, Feng Shui is the 4,000 year old Chinese art of placement and a philosophy that suppors living the awareness and harmony with our surroundings.

Based on time tested principles of how we perceive and respond to our environment, Feng Shui helps identify and correct negative environmental influences as well as enhance the flow of positive energy to support success and well being.


Key Feng Shui Principles

Chi energy. Chi is the “life force” or energy that exists in human beings, nature, and all animate and inanimate objects. It is everywhere and everything. Harnessing and enhancing the chi energy in a space creates a positive energy flow that supports vitality and well being.

Yin/Yang Harmony. Everything in the universe is an expression of opposites such as light/dark, active/ passive, straight/curved, male/female. Yin energy in balance is feminine and nurturing while yang energy is masculine and dynamic. A balance of both yin and yang energy is key to creating a harmonious environment.

Five Elements. Nature expresses itself through the elements
of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood. Just as the human body is comprised of these elements (fire/heat, earth/bones), each of the five elements is expressed in your surroundings through color, shape, energy, décor, and objects. A balanced environment has all five elements represented and specific elements can be strategically placed to create even greater energy flow.

Furniture Placement. Feng Shui has specific rules for the optimum location of a home or business as well as the placement of furniture. While each environment is unique, Feng Shui brings awareness of how to position yourself to provide greater support, efficiency, and psychological well being.

Bagua Life Map. A balanced home or workplace also has occupants who live a balanced life. A mapping system called the “Bagua” identifies 9 key areas of life including Wealth, Fame, Relationships, Children/Creativity, Helpful People, Career, Family, and Knowledge. The life map is applied over the floor plan of a home, office, or individual room and specific design elements are recommended to support the goals of the individual.

Every environment is unique with it’s own energy, challenges, and possibilities. By becoming aware of your surroundings, connecting to it’s energy, and using the inherent wisdom and inspiration of nature, you can create surroundings that reflect your highest potential and support your personal and professional goals.

Benefits of Feng Shui may include:

• increased sense of well being
• more energy, clarity, and inspiration
• greater efficiency and productivity
• feeling more balanced and supported in life
• experiencing more harmonious relationships
• increased prosperity and fortunate blessings

“We shape our dwellings, and afterwards, our dwellings shape us.”
–Winston Churchill