Feng Shui – Home Consultations

Enhance the Enjoyment of your Home

Do you want more energy or balance in your life? Are you moving into a new home? Merging households or downsizing? Consultations available for:
  • Homes, Condos and Apartments
  • Home Remodeling
  • Pre-Purchase Analysis for Home Buyers
  • Staging a Home for Sale
  • Long Distance Consultations by Phone

Consultations are tailored to your specific needs including:

  • Floor plan review and personal interview to determine your lifestyle, essence, and goals.
  • Exterior and interior Feng Shui analysis with practical solutions to remedy negative influences.
  • Feng Shui arrangement of furniture and decor for optimum efficiency, harmony, and positive energy flow.
  • Personal direction chart (Ming Gua) to maximize your best directions.
  • Color Design to create rooms that flow harmoniously from one room to the next.
  • Space Clearing to remove stagnant or previous occupant energy in your home.
  • Bagua “Life Aspiration” map to identify key areas such as health, wealth, career, and relationships with design elements to support achieving your goals.
  • Pet friendly spaces to balance function, aesthetics and well-being for all family members in your home.

“Cynthia is a modern day alchemist! She has the amazing gift of being able to go into a space and instinctively transform it into a healthy, abundant environment.”

— Megan Skinner