Home Consultations

Cynthia is a master at her craft. She uniquely combines her Feng Shui expertise, a great sense of design, color, and style to create transformational spaces. With an understanding of who I am at my core, she recommended colors, furniture arrangements and a variety of design elements custom-tailored to embrace me in my home. My home has truly become a fabulous sanctuary and I love coming home now.

— Rod Ferris

After implementing your Feng Shui recommendations we’ve had many positive things happen. My wife finished a massage therapy certification program and started her own business practice, the kids are doing well, and I’m doing better at work and continue to receive more important assignments.Things are going so well that we decided to move into a more upscale home and now have views of Mt. Rainer in our backyard! Thank you.

— Martin Reid

I hired Cynthia to help me settle into a new home that is smaller than my previous homes. Using Feng Shui principles, she quickly created solutions to many of our problem areas. Cynthia helped me make many changes on the spot and took detailed notes of the ideas I could complete later on my own. Her positive energy, can-do style, and great suggestions motivated me and have transformed our house into a wonderful, personalized home!

— Maureen O'Shaughnessy

I am so personally heart touched by your incredible suggestions for my backyard. Your knowledge and your intuitive sense of what the space needed has helped my husband and I create the most beautiful sacred garden. You have to come over and see it.

— Melanie Griemes

I deeply appreciate your insights and sense of spirituality in which your presence graced my space. Thank you.

— Kate Fewell

We are thrilled you helped us with our house! I can’t tell you what a difference it made to rearrange the furniture in the living room…we’ve been in there more in the past two weeks than we have in the last two years. Amazing! The whole house feels more inviting and welcoming and we are so appreciative of your insights and expertise. Thank you.

— Liz Talley and Bruce Barnum

Working with you was a delight. You helped me open up my home and life in an energizing and loving way. After our work together, I wrote and published a book within 4 months, which is unheard of! Thanks for helping me create such a creative space to work in!

— Lisa Edwards

Just wanted to let you know your arrangements and suggestions for my place were a big success. My landlady commented that the arrangement at the foot of the stairs and the patio furniture looked so welcoming she wondered if I was expecting guests! Once again you rock!

— Cedar H.

Meeting you yesterday was the highlight of my day! You inspired me in a big way. I came home and was up until midnight decluttering and rearranging my entire living area per your expert guidance. What a shift! Thank you!

— Rochelle Clark

I just want you to know how much I enjoyed your visit and how much your ideas have helped me! I can really feel the energy shift in my art studio and I know it will enhance my creativity. Thanks again for your assistance. The energy around here is flowing!

— Sibyl Sanford

Cynthia is a modern day alchemist! She has the amazing gift of being able to go into a space and instinctively know how to transform it into a healthy, abundant environment. Not only has she made my home more beautiful, her work has made a significant contribution to my personal serenity and well being.

— Megan Skinner

Your Feng Shui analysis of my apartment turned out to be just fabulous!! My girlfriend relocated here and life could not be happier than this! We are planning on buying a small town home later this month or early next month and I’d love for you to take a look at the perspective town home.

— Naveen N.

I can already feel a better energy flow throughout my home. I like the placement of the desk upstairs and have a lot more energy to get organized. I’m amazed at the difference! Reading about Feng Shui is one thing, but when it’s applied by a professional, the impact is so much greater. Thank you for all your help and positive energy.

— Deirdre Devlin

Cynthia, our consultation was so meaningful. What a difference! I slept so well last night and I’m feeling so positive. Within two weeks after implementing the Feng Shui changes you suggested, I received the retroactive insurance payment I’d been waiting months for! I’m singing your praises. You are so gifted and such fun to be with. Thank you!

— Sienna Ross

Feng Shui works, Feng Shui works…this is my new mantra! I implemented your suggestions and can’t thank you enough. My job has been challenging and now, thanks to you, I have a sanctuary to come home to.

— Rich Einert

Business Consultations

I just wanted to give you an update since your visit to my chiropractic office last January. Simply put, it was a fantastic year! My practice has never been busier and I’ve had a lot of fun in the process. I saw 50 more new patients and we collected over $100K more than last year! This has helped me expand my services, make several equipment purchases, pay off a ton of debt, go on vacation and as you know, purchase the Mini Cooper “Backmobile.” I’m almost reluctant to tell my colleagues because I don’t want them to know about the competitive edge I feel Feng Shui is giving me. I think having my office aligned has freed me up to take more action and has helped my energy flow into more productive avenues than it did in the past. The effects have been felt in every aspect of my life and for this I sincerely thank you.

— Dr. Joe Cresanti, DC, Sound Chiropractic

Thank you for your expertise in helping me design my new office. Your firm grasp of spatial design, energy flow, color, and how structure dictates function has helped me create a healing environment for my patients. I’m thrilled with the floor plan and look forward to implementing the finishing touches.

— Dr. Marvin Kunikiyo

What you did yesterday was wonderful. When our boss returned to his office he was amazed and kept saying wow…wow…wow…it was like a television show! He was absolutely thrilled. Thank you from all of us!

— Deena Ratner, Marketing Manager

The compliments continue from your recent consultation at the corporate offices of John L. Scott Real Estate. “Wow…it seems like a friendlier place to work…more inviting… more efficient… are comments I hear on a regular basis. Thank you Cynthia. The energy around here is flowing!

— Donna de Ford, John L. Scott Real Estate

Your consultation revealed many inspiring and practical ways we can use Feng Shui principles to enhance the atmosphere and harmony of the school. Your professionalism and sensitivity to the needs of each environment — whether it was the library, classrooms, administration office or teacher’s lounge — was well received by the school and my staff. Thank you.

— Bill Strouse, KSI Architecture & Planning

Your knowledge and expert suggestions inspired me so much that I spent the entire weekend implementing them. As soon as I finished, I got a call from a former client asking if I was interested in being a coach for a program she’s marketing which means multiple potential clients as the project unfolds. Shortly thereafter, 5 of my current clients (who were completing our initial time commitment) extended our coaching agreement. One client has already budgeted my fee into her business expenses as she launches her independent law practice! I know this is just the beginning and I am eager to see what else is flowing into my life. Your work has made a huge difference in my quality of life. Thank you!

— Amorah Ross, Life Coach & Business Owner

I look forward to walking into my office each morning. Cynthia’s analysis and recommendations have allowed me to center my attention and focus on the difficult cases that cross my desk. As a result, I am able to provide a higher quality service in a shorter timeframe. You can imagine the increase in my productivity and prosperity!

— Judith Parker, Counselor

Thank you for the Feng Shui analysis on our office. I’ll be the first to admit that I was a little skeptical when my wife told me about having this done but the results speak for themselves. Within 1 week after making the changes you suggested we recorded an increase in both patient flow and new patients by 20%. At six months it has continued to grow and currently we have experienced a 25% growth. I highly recommend your services to anyone in the professional arena.  Thank you for all your helpful suggestions.

— Dr. Mark Mielke, D.C., Genesis Chiropractic

The new feel of my office has inspired me to finish projects that would have previously cluttered my desk for months. It has also given me a new sense of focus for my work. Thank you.
— Orest T., Vice President

Thanks to the efforts of Cynthia, the changes we made in our office were very successful. We now have an atmosphere that is both functional and calming for the staff and the patients.

— Marilyn K., Administrator

Space Clearing

The house is so much lighter “energy-wise” since you did the clearing. After I implemented all the decorating changes you suggested, the house really sparkles and has uplifted our spirits. Thank you for a wonderful job!

— Suzanne Duffy Kane

“I want to share some happy news. Since we made many of the positive suggestions in our home and office our personal, financial and professional relationships have improved. We’ll be calling you again in 6 months for another energy check-in. Thank you!

— Carol Hedly

We feel more energized since your visit and I perceive my son’s room very differently after the clearing. Your recommendations have made a big difference.  Thank you.

— Sabine C.

Cynthia, the time spent with you today was very enjoyable and informative. When my daughter came from school she complimented how “light” the living room felt and could feel the warmth of our home. WOW!!! Thank you very much for the clearing and inspiration.

— Zelly White

I have hired Cynthia many times to consult on listings that were not selling.  Last fall I hired her to clear energy in 3 properties (two condos and one house) and within 1 week all 3 properties were under contract. The energy clearing was the only change. This is batting 100% and I consider the results no accident!

— Suzanne Lambalot, Realtor

My house feels quite different since you did the space clearing and I am a convert!  We are slowing applying the Feng Shui suggestions you made and have really noticed a huge difference. It has to be more than coincidence and it has left us all in awe! Thank you.

— Angela Ditore Siderius

A few years ago you did a clearing and consultation for my family. One of the reasons we called was because we felt so much negative energy regarding our child situation. (We were struggling to have a 2nd child and had gone through numerous miscarriages.) I’m happy to report that we have a beautiful 5 month old boy who’s an amazing little one!

— Alexandra T.

Staging a Home for Sale

After our home in Magnolia had been on the market for 3 months, Cynthia came to our house in July 2011 to provide her Feng Shui and staging expertise. In 1 1/2 hours she rearranged furniture, decor, and gave us a list of practical action items for the house which we quickly completed. Only a few days later we received a full price offer on the sale of our home!

— N. Mertes, Homeowner, Seattle

During a previous consultation Cynthia focussed on the health area of my home when I was sick. Within a week, my physician changed the treatment plan that led to full remission that I continue to enjoy five years later so when I needed to sell my condo, I called Cynthia. She and I moved things around and that evening a buyer saw the place for the first time and made a full offer. The sale closed in a couple weeks. Cynthia has the gift!

— Siena Ross

Cynthia performs a great service when staging one’s home for sale. On 3/17/10 I put my home on the market and 5 days later we had two acceptable offers. Cynthia is knowlegdable, positive, intuitive and very ‘hands-on’ plus she is fun to be with! I highly recommend her!

— Cedar H.

After our house had been on the market for 3 months, we hired Cynthia and implemented her Feng Shui recommendations which we did in 3 visits to the house. Each time we did a set of things it got more and more busy. On Saturday we were finishing her suggestions and had stream after stream of people visiting the house. By the end of the day we had 3 full-price offers and were able to choose the next owners for our home! Thank you for all your insights and for the suggestions for our new home which we love!

— Maribeth S.

Your assistance in realigning the energy flow in the condo I had on the market for 18 months caused the unit to sell in 10 days! I have to believe this is more than coincidence. Also, after moving several items in my home, I cannot write off to coincidence the wonderful changes in our life. Thank you!

— Carol Lynn Fjellberg

In preparing my landlord’s house for sale, I implemented Cynthia’s recommendations and had her do a space clearing to remove the previous renter’s negative energy. The realtor said the house was worth one amount and as it turns out the buyer purchased the home for $100,00 over the market price.   Feng Shui works!

— Carol Barbeau

My house went on the market 7/6/09 and after a very low ball offer a couple of buyers raised concerns regarding the Feng Shui of my house, so I hired Cynthia to do a Feng Shui consultation. Within two days of implementing her suggestions the activity on the house significantly picked up. Within two weeks of her visit I accepted a great offer (all cash)! I am thrilled beyond belief, especially in this challenging house market!

— Sylvia Henderson, Bellevue, WA

I want to share a success story since your recent Feng Shui staging and consultation for my client. We had 7 offers! We listed at the home for $299,996 (an 8 number), and the final price was $337,500 ($37,00 over the asking price and these buyers were willing to go to $361,000 with an escalator clause). Needless to say, the sellers were thrilled!

— Suzanne Lambalot, Realtor

Thank you for helping us out at a critical time with our house on the market for 3 months.  In a little over a week since your consultation we had a full price offer for our house! I told my agent about your visit and highly recommended you for her future clients. I will call you next week to schedule another consultation to help us arrange our new house.

— Jeni Li Chen

Color Design

Cynthia is so personable and answered all our color questions so graciously and patiently. She looked at samples of flooring, countertops, new furniture, artwork, and seemed to immediately understand what we were looking for. Quite quickly, she chose what turned out to be an absolutely beautiful color combination that not only enhanced our new remodel, but also made even our old furniture look newer and richer. The compliments have flowed from neighbors and friends, and we recently had her back for another consultation. Cynthia is delightful to work with and we are eternally grateful!

— Carolyn and Jack Hamby

I’m so grateful for the changes in my home. I was so frustrated with the disconnected, lifeless, energy my home had. Now every room is a dance that moves together in a fine orchestrated piece. It’s delicious and opulent. I appreciate so much your gift of color and “vision.

— Sharon Reid

Your color recommendations and energy shifts in my new home is something I would have never thought of on my own. From the moment I implemented your recommendations everyone who has entered through the front door has loved the house and it truly is fantastic living here. Thank you!

— Carol Barbeau

I just want you to know that the colors you helped me choose for the condo turned out GREAT! Everyone loves the colors and finds my home to be relaxing and serene. I’m so pleased and feel like I’m “home” now. 

— Cheryl Hahn

Cynthia is an inspirational joy to work with. I was impressed with how quickly she took action. Within moments she artfully rearranged my things and her colors recommendations worked exquisitely. I now feel more content, peaceful, and comfortable on a level which really invites me into my space. 

— Robert F. Brady, M.A.

Color Analysis for Personal Wardrobe

My color analysis with Cynthia was amazing–and eye-opening! She helped me to realize the right colors to bring out my best features and natural beauty–and opened my mind to a whole new way of thinking about my wardrobe (which needed some serious help!) My color fan is with me always–my color bible–and I love having it as guide to fulfilling my highest, most beauteous potential!

— Megan Skinner

People are commenting on how great I look…and I LOVE shopping in my closet now! I wish I could have done this sooner as I could have saved so much money over the years. Thank you for your color expertise!

— Michele Peijs, Human Resources Manager

Your gift for color analysis was instrumental in helping me find the best colors and tones for my essence. I so appreciate your assistance in preparing my wardrobe for a PR trip to New York where I met with 70 radio and TV producers to promote my book and expertise. The very first impression is the most critical when a TV producer looks at you to decide whether you are TV worthy. I’m happy to say I had many compliments on my appearance and I felt confident and well received. Thank you Cynthia!

— Laura Legere, Author, www.soaringspiritslightcenter.com

Thanks for such providing such a great service! I have removed colors from my closet that weren’t in my fan and have added several new colors. This has been fun! I’m learning how to layer my clothing and balance my warm/cool colors. Having my personalized color fan has helped me part with clothes that I had been hanging onto for too long. I always take my color fan shopping with me as it’s great to have the visual. Thanks again!

— Kristine Russell

The proverbial “you changed my life” scenario is entirely true. And cleaning the closet of colors “not mine” opened up space both physically and emotionally for me. I now understand how to choose “my” colors and how to put outfits together which has allowed me to play and explore this new dimension of myself. My friends tell me how much I glow, how great I look, and want to know more about having their wardrobe done. And having a color fan of my best colors has given me the confidence to make shopping choices with ease. Thank you Cynthia!

— Lynn Bryson

Speaking Engagements and Classes

Thank you for presenting such an outstanding program at the International Feng Shui Conference. This year we had over 1000 attendees from all over the world and once again, you were well received as one of our featured speakers. Thank you for helping make the 3rd International Feng Shui Conference a success.

— James Moser, International Feng Shui Conference

Fabulous class! The most organized and comprehensive class I have ever taken on Feng Shui. Cynthia decluttered an often confusing subject and her information was very valuable.

— Suzanne Lambalot

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your Feng Shui class and your passionate sharing on bringing harmony to living spaces. You are a walking, glowing, spirit of joyful harmony. The law of attraction brought your class before my eyes as I’ve been needing to make some changes in my space to reflect the changes in my life.

— Gene, class attendee

On behalf of the Home Care Association, I want to thank you for your outstanding presentation of Feng Shui at our Fall Conference. Attendees really enjoyed the session with many ideas and tips they can use in their work and personal spaces. Thank you.

— Rochelle Sebion, Home Care Association

Meeting you and attending your lecture was such an enriching and enlightening experience. It really opened my eyes and shifted my perceptions. You are a wonderful speaker and such a warm, caring person. Thank you for sharing your special gifts with us!

— Shelly Steneide, workshop participant

Thank you for the wonderful presentation on “The Art of Feng Shui” at the Seattle Asian Art Museum.Your presentation was very informative and enjoyed by our Auxiliary members.

— Stephen Papadopoulos, Congress of Neurological Surgeons

You are a natural speaker and I appreciate your gifts of wisdom and inspiration which you share so freely with others. Thank you for presenting such an informative, visually stimulating, upbeat and professional program.

— James Moser, International Feng Shui Conference

What a fabulous way to start our seminar series. Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge about Feng Shui with us. The evening was a huge success and look forward to having you host another presentation in 2008. Thank you!

— Pam Jensen, Windermere Real Estate

On behalf of the Washington Society of Association Executives, I want to thank you for presenting an excellent program on Feng Shui. Our attendees were excited about what they learned and really enjoyed your engaging presentation style. Working with you is indeed a pleasure. Your presentation and our members response to it was exactly what we’d hoped for!

— Donna Cameron, Executive Director, WSAE

Cynthia’s knowledge, enthusiasm, and ability to communicate information in a user-friendly manner make her an asset to our organization and to anyone interested in an effective lecturer and instructor.

— Debbie Mellen, Director, Discover U

Excellent speaker…. well spoken and really knows her subject…very informative and knowledgeable…interesting content… engaging, concise, and inspiring….would like to hear more!

— WRE seminar participant

The best class I’ve taken in 15 years in the real estate business! Thank you.

— Susan Stasik, Realtor