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Policies & Procedures

Course List: The course list includes these classes, but is not limited to: Feng Shui Basics for Real Estate (3 hrs-C4297), Feng Shui for Successful Buying, Selling and Staging (5 hrs- C4270), Feng Shui On-site Home Analysis (3 hrs-C4279), Feng Shui Workshop & On-Site Home Analysis (8 hrs-C4271), and Feng Shui Basics & On-Site Home Analysis (6 hrs-C4297 & C4271).

Course Prerequisites: For the On-Site Home Analysis class (C4279), agents must complete one of the school's 3 or 5 hour Feng Shui courses which cover fundamental Feng Shui concepts or have completed a clock-hour Feng Shui course through another real estate school.

Course Requirements: To complete your course and receive continuing education credit you must complete the registration form including your signature, complete and make-up lessons with in a 6-month prior, attend the required amount of time, and pay the required tuition. There is no auditing of any course. A student that attends a course must pay the required fee.

Class Sponsorship/Cancellation/Instructor Fee Minimum Requirements: Sponsors are responsible for the scheduling, promotion, enrollment, collection of fees (checks made payable to sponsor), and any refunds for each class. At the conclusion of class the sponsor will issue one check to the instructor. A minimum fee is required for the Instructor to teach each class regardless of agent no shows, cancellations, or returned checks. 1 week prior to the class date, the sponsor must notify Cynthia Chomos by phone or email to either confirm the class and commit to paying the instructor's minimum, or cancel the class. This policy protects the Instructor from lost revenue and allows time to book other business activities. Thank you for your understanding with this professional courtesy policy.

Admission: The Feng Shui School for Real Estate Sales will not deny admission, base course fees, or based standards for successful completion of a course on a student's race, color, sex, religion, national origin, handicap, familial status, age or sexual orientation.

Causes for Dismissal: A Feng Shui School for Real Estate Sales Instructor or a consultant hired on behalf of the Feng Shui School may dismiss a student from the classroom if a student is affecting the integrity of the learning environment. Conditions for readmission are based on the mutual agreement of the Instructor and the Administrator.

Refunds: Any student may receive a full refund of the pre-paid tuition prior to the course date for classes offered by the Feng Shui School of Real Estate. To receive a refund, contact the school by phone or email and include your name, telephone number, address, class name and date. Refunds in other circumstances are granted by the Administrator. For classes sponsored by other agencies where class fees were paid to the organizer, contact the sponsor regarding their refund policy.

Course Materials: Students may receive a workbook, handouts, and other materials as part of the course. Unless otherwise stated, the course materials are the property of the Feng Shui School of Real Estate Sales and are not to be reprinted or distributed without permission.

Certificates: Certificates will be mailed directly to a student when the course is completed and the tuition has been paid. The Feng Shui School for Real Estate Sales will maintain records on students that take courses for 5 years as required by the state of Washington. The student can request a duplicate certificate in writing noting the month, year, and location that the course was completed. A certificate will be reissued for a fee of $10.00.

This school is approved under chapter 18.85 RCW. Inquiries regarding this or any other real estate school may be made to: Washington State Department of Licensing, Real Estate Program, P.O. Box 9015, Olympia, Washington 98507-9015.

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