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Feng Shui Tips for A Harmonious Home!

Invite your clients to a fun and informative event! Cynthia Chomos, a Feng Shui Expert and Color Designer will share tips for creating a harmonious home using Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of placement and design. Guests will learn the importance of the "person/place" connection, furniture placement, color design, de-cluttering, and inspiring tips to create a positive flow of energy in their home and life.

Program includes visuals of a variety of home situations.
(Guests are encouraged to bring a floor plan of their home).

Program Length:

1 hour & 15 minutes (includes Q & A session)

Door Prizes:

Speaker: Cynthia Chomos, Feng Shui & Color Consultant
(206) 919-0107

Agent Sponsorship:


Agent Group: 1 or more agents can collaborate on the event and split the speaker fee.

Speaker Fee:


$200 per event


50% of the speakers fee is due at the time of booking. Balance is due the day of the event.



Reserving the location and any location expenses is the responsibility of sponsoring agent(s). Presentations can be held at an agent's home, community center, library, or branch office.

Room Set-Up:


Sponsor to provide theater style seating, a wall or screen for projection, table for the projector, a table at the back of the room for agent materials, and a lavaliere microphone (if needed).

Speaker will provide a projector and presentation materials.

Invitations & RSVPS:


Invitations and RSVP's are to be coordinated by the sponsoring agent(s).

Promotional Flyer:


A promotional flyer is provided for sponsoring agents to customize with event details, RSVP info, etc. The flyer can be used as an invitation as well as publicity flyer for the event.

Door Prizes:


Provided by sponsoring agent(s) and speaker. Door prize entry forms to be provided by speaker.



Depending on the sponsors intention for the event, a free listing can be posted in the local newspaper's Real Estate Calendar of Events (if soliciting new homeowners, buyers, etc. versus a program for existing clients). Speaker is available to promote the event on radio, TV or print while sharing the benefits of feng shui with their audience.

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