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Real Estate Consultations

Feng Shui consultations are available to assist real estate professionals and their clients including:

Staging a Home for Sale
  a.    Feng Shui Staging (using existing furnishings) 
  b.    Full-Service Staging (with furniture rental)
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Pre-Purchase Analysis for Home Buyers
Gift Certificates for New Homeowners
Agent's Home
Agent's Office (branch or home office)
Real Estate Branch Offices

Consultations are tailored to your specific needs and may include:

Floor plan review and interview to determine the use of the space, your lifestyle, and intentions.

Feng Shui arrangement of furniture and accessories for optimum efficiency, harmony, and positive energy flow.
Recommendations to problem solve Feng Shui challenges and to maximize the appeal for the buyer, seller, or current occupants.
Clear negative energy or emotional residue impacting the sale or the new owners of a home.
Interior and Exterior Color Design using nature's living colors to create rooms that flow harmoniously from one room to the next.
Customized design elements to bring the space into a balanced and inspirational expression that reflects the owners personal style.

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