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Baqua Map & House Numerology
Personal Directions Chart
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Personal Color Analysis  for Wardrobe (2 hours)
Feng Shui Kit
Sage Incense
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Bagua Map

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Bagua Life Map & House Numerology

The Bagua "Life Map" is applied over the floor plan of your home or individual room to locate 9 key areas of your life including Wealth, Fame, Relationship, Children/Creativity, Helpful People, Career, Knowledge, Family, and Health. Includes instructions and Feng Shui recommendations for each area with colors, shapes, and decorating ideas to support your desired goals. The reverse side features Chinese and Western numerology for determining the energy of specific house numbers.




Personal Directions Chart

Based on your birth date and year, you have four specific directions
for Wealth, Health, Relationship Harmony and Clear Thinking.
Aligning yourself with these directions when seated or sleeping can support greater success at home, school, or work.

• Do you want to make better decisions?
• Support relationship harmony in the bedroom?
• Align yourself to greater health and prosperity?

Order your Personal Directions Chart today and you'll receive two FREE GIFTS including "The 4 Rules of Furniture Placement" and a SPECIAL REPORT: "Feng Shui Annual Energy Cures." (Every Chinese New Year the Feng Shui energies change. Learn how to enhance the positive sectors of your home and remedy challenging sectors for the current year).

Purchase $15  (save $5 on additional charts)

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

Give the gift of harmonious living! Gift certificates are available for home or office Feng Shui consultations, space clearing, color design for interiors and personal color analysis.  Each certificate is customized with your name, recipient's name and consultation details. A wonderful gift for birthdays, anniversaries or a special "thank you" gift.

Purchase $150 / Hour Home and Office Consultations

For more information, call Cynthia at (206) 919-0107 or Email

Gift Certificates


Cynthia provides Feng Shui consultations over the phone for long
distance clients. A consultation can be done accurately and thoroughly when the client provides enough data including a floor plan, photographs of the interiors and exteriors, client birth date, and date the house was built. Cynthia can also provide coaching for how to take an accurate compass reading if desired. Long distance clients are given equal priority and attention to detail as local clients.

"Thank you for such a comprehensive telephone consultation. I appreciate how you addressed my specific concerns and provided detailed information and recommendations. In less than a day I was to find the items we discussed and make the enhancements inside and outside of my home. Since implementing your recommendations I am feeling more focused and have better clarity. Thank you very much!
— Rae Alba, Sarasota, FL
To schedule a consultation, call Cynthia at (206) 919-0107 or Email

Gift Certificates


Personal Color Analysis for Wardrobe (2 hours)

Enhance your natural beauty with a personal color analysis for wardrobe consultation. Enjoy wearing colors that enhance your personal energy!

A 2-hour consultation includes an analysis of your natural coloring and a personalized color fan. You'll receive a "Style Guide" with tips on value contrast, intensity, and color temperature for creating a fabulous look that uniquely reflects YOU. Save time and money when you shop more efficiently!

Purchase $275

For more information, call Cynthia at (206) 919-0107 or Email

Feng Shui Kit

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Feng Shui Kit

Enhance positive energy in your home, office, and life with a Feng Shui Kit. Each kit includes the following essential products:

  • Windchime "Fortune" for your front door
  • Sage Aromatherapy Incense for Space Clearing
  • Baqua "Life Map" & House Numerology
  • Bonus "red envelope" Wealth Tip for your home
    or office!

See detailed product descriptions below.

$35.00  (save $5, $40 value)


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Sage Incense for Space Clearing

Sage Aromatherapy incense is a gentle and effective way to cleanse negative energy from your surroundings. Great for moving into a new home, office, staging a home for sale, or when feeling stuck or stagnant in your life. Each hand-crafted bundle of 10 aromatherapy sticks has been selected for it's pleasing fragrance. Includes instructions for space clearing.

$10.00 (10 sticks)


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Wind Chime "Fortune"

Attract happiness and good fortune to your home with a Feng Shui "Fortune" Chime hung near your front door. Live in harmony as you enjoy the gentle and melodic sounds of this high-quality chime. Each chime has five metal rods and a wind catcher specifically designed to reflect and refract light which enhances it's beneficial properties. (The chime is also a great way to diffuse traffic noise.)


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