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Spring has finally arrived in the Northwest!   Everywhere I look, nature is abundant with fresh energy and new growth. It’s a great time to start a spring project and whether you paint a room, clear your clutter or plant a garden, there are endless ways to energize your living spaces.

In this issue of Harmonious Living, you’ll find ways to refresh your surroundings as well as a resource for my favorite wind chimes. And be sure to check out the Feng Shui tip for your car…every space counts!  For assistance with your home projects, feel free to give me a call or attend one of my upcoming classes.

               Blessings for an inspiring Spring,

               Cynthia Chomos
               Feng Shui Consultant / Color Designer / Speaker / Teacher
               (206) 919-0107  
               info@cynthiachomos.com  |  Visit CynthiaChomos.com

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interested in creating positive and harmonious surroundings.

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Spring 2013
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Feature Article

Refresh Your Home

Featured Product
Bagua Life Map

"Good Chi" Tip
Feng Shui your Car

Resource Spotlight
"Music of the Spheres" Wind Chimes

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Feature Article:
Refresh your Home

Refresh Your Home

Spring is the perfect time to renew your home, garden and life. If you have been lacking the motivation to clear clutter or start a home improvement project, tap into the active energy of the season to jump-start the process.  Remember, as you shift your surroundings, you shift your life in the process. 

Spring is associated with the Feng Shui element of wood representing growth and expansion. Where in your life are you seeking greater expression?  Career, relationship or health? How can you symbolically shift this area of the bagua life map in your home to reflect this desire?   
One of my recent clients was experiencing a lack of passion and connection in her ten year marriage.  I visited the relationship area of her home, located in the master bedroom, and noticed the headboard was up against a window, a dog bed blocked her husband’s path to the bed, the walls were white (the same color as the rest of the house) and the TV was the focal point of the room. Based on a Feng Shui assessment, the room was energetically imprinted with a lack of support, blocked access, lack of intimacy and conflicting yin (rest) and yang (active) energies.  

The first step was to move the bed to a solid wall and relocate the dog bed. A sage green paint color was chosen for the walls (representing harmony and the heart chakra) and a pair of red accent pillows was recommended for the bed (the color of relationship and passion). Further suggestions included placing the TV in an armoire and adding aromatherapy candles as reminders of romance. The overall result was a nurturing space that supports greater intimacy for the couple.  

We are imprinted by our surroundings, for better or worse. The closer the environment is to you, the greater its impact on your wellbeing, which is why our homes are so important. This spring, consider making a few simple changes to shift the energy of your home and life:  

                                                            Home Exterior

Groom your landscape and porch.  Remove dead plants from garden beds and container pots and replace them with colorful flowers and plants.  Add a new doormat to refresh the entry of your home.  Stimulate uplifting energy near your front door with a pleasant sounding wind chime for a positive first impression.

                                                            Interior Spaces           

Bring the vitality of nature indoors.  Place a vase of colorful flowers on your dining table or desk to brighten your day.  Hang colorful or inspiring artwork on your walls.  Throw away dried flowers that lack vital life force.  Paint the walls a new color and consider changing your curtains, pillows or bedding to create seasonal interest. 

                                                            Personal Chi

Enhance your personal energy.  Get a breath of fresh air and exercise by gardening in your own backyard or take daily walks to get your physical energy moving.  Start a home project or new hobby to expand your creative expression.  Nothing in nature is static, and your home and life should not be either.

Enjoy transforming your surroundings (and yourself) this spring through the power of place.    If you would like assistance with your home, garden or workspaces, call or email to schedule a consultation!  


Home & Office Consultations

Get inspired with a Feng Shui, Color Design, or Space Clearing consultation for your home or office. Savings also apply to garden design,
pre-purchase home analysis, home staging, and remodeling projects.

  $150 hour
(includes FREE Personal
Directions Chart

for Wealth,
Relationship Harmony
and Health
, a $15 value)

Email or call Cynthia at
(206) 919-0107

Gift Certificates are available.

Personal Color Analysis for Wardrobe

Enhance your natural beauty with a personal color analysis for wardrobe consultation. Enjoy wearing colors that enhance your personal energy!

Personal Color Analysis A 2-hour consultation includes an analysis of your natural coloring and a personalized color fan. You'll receive a "Style Guide" with tips on value contrast, intensity, and color temperature for creating a fabulous look that uniquely reflects YOU. Save time and money when you shop more efficiently!

Investment: $275
(includes personalized color fan)



Featured Product:  Bagua Life Map

Bagua Map

The Bagua "Life Map" is applied over the floor plan of your home or individual room to locate 9 key areas of your life including Wealth, Fame, Relationship, Children/Creativity, Helpful People, Career, Knowledge, Family, and Health. The laminated map includes Feng Shui recommendations for each area of the bagua including colors, shapes, elements, and decor to support your desired goals. The reverse side includes instructions for applying the map over your home, bedroom, or office. Also included is Chinese and Western numerology for determining the energy of your specific house numbers.

Click here to see additional Feng Shui products.

Good Chi Tip of the Month
~ Feng Shui your Car~

According to the Roland Berger study, Americans spend 540 hours a year in their cars.  Whether commuting to work or running errands, your car is an important environment that impacts your personal energy.  Give your car a spring cleaning by removing clutter and enjoy the benefits of a clean, clear and stress-free state of mind.  Remove unnecessary weight in the trunk for better gas mileage.  Clean the windows and make it sparkle inside and out.   Remember, every space counts! 

And lastly, consider giving your car a name since it creates a more personal connection.  After all, a car is a trusted friend to help take you where you need to go in life!  

That's "Good Chi” . . . and a tip for creating a more enjoyable commute!



 Resource Spotlight:

Music of the Spheres
Wind chimes


Wind chimes are often used in Feng Shui to stimulate energy.   A melodic wind chime placed near the front entrance of your home can set the tone for the energy you draw into your life or enhance a particular area of your life using the bagua life map.

I recently discovered Music of the Spheres wind chimes and hung one in a large maple tree in the Northwest (helpful people area) near the path to my front door.  Not only does the peaceful sound greet passers by, it creates uplifting energy for my guests and myself.

Called the “Stradivarius of wind chimes”, you can listen to Music of the Spheres chimes online based on the size and tuning.   Each is precision tuned, professional grade and built to last.  

For more information:

Music of the Spheres.com

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MAY 18
Eliminate the Guesswork of Paint Color Selection 
10am-11:30am, (Saturday).  Confused about how to choose color? Are you painting to sell or to enhance the enjoyment of a home? Learn how to choose color with confidence presented by two experts.  Co-presented with Darylene Dennon, Solid Energy Inc.   Free.  Sponsored by the Master Builders Association.  Location: Federal Way Public Library.  To register email Cynthia.

Clutter Clearing and Feng Shui for a
Stress-free Life

7:00pm-8:30pm, (Wednesday).   Is there too much clutter and chaos in your home? Are you seeking greater harmony and inspiration in your life? Every room in your home can affect your physical, mental and emotional energy. Discover how to shift your living spaces with clutter-clearing techniques and Feng Shui tips!  Co-presented with Laura Leist, Eliminate Chaos.    Free.  Sponsored by the Master Builders Association. Location: Lynnwood Public Library. To register email Cynthia. 

Classes are also available for organizations and special interest groups of 10 or more.
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