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Color Consultations for Personal Wardrobe


• Is your closet cluttered with clothes that don't inspire you?

• Are you ready to look your best in your personal and professional life?

• Do you want to save time and money shopping with a color fan featuring your best colors?

You look your best when you dress in harmony with your natural coloring—your hair, skin, blush and eyes—and the specific colors that complement them.  You’ll be amazed at the difference color can make in enhancing your natural beauty.  Research shows the way you look can be key to getting a better job, earning more money, and being considered more intelligent and dynamic.

Services include:

  • Personal Color Analysis:
  • A 2-hour consultation includes an analysis of your natural coloring using the ColorQuest color system with over 1,000 colors, and the creation of a color fan featuring your best wardrobe colors for ease in shopping. You'll receive a "Style Guide" with tips on value, contrast, intensity, and color temperature for creating a fabulous look that uniquely reflects YOU.

    Save time and money when you shop more efficiently!

    fan deck

    Investment: $250 (includes personalized fan deck)

    Location: Seattle (Ballard)

    Experience the benefits of looking your best!

    Gift certificates are available.

  • Wardrobe Review:
  • To help maximize your existing wardrobe, once you receive your customized fan deck Cynthia is available to visit your closet.  Based on your color fan, we’ll sort through your clothing and accessories to create inspiring outfits and a plan for future purchases.   $125 hour.  

    Start your journey to a more beautiful expression!


(206) 919-0107

  "People are commenting on how great I look…and I LOVE shopping in my own closet now! I wish I would have done this sooner as I could have saved so much money over the years”  
— Michele Peijs